David Beckham Injury Saga


With football being my number one passion in life the David Beckham injury saga is one that has left me massively disappointed. With differences of opinions going back and forth as to whether or not it would be worth him going to the world cup anyways and/or if he would play any part it leaves me asking one question. Did any of these critics ever play football?

Any footballer will know that a game is not just won on the field. You need to be mentally prepared for each game, you have to have the correct approach and you need to be fully motivated all before the green of the grass is even seen. So in my opinion David Beckham will be a huge loss to England if he doesn’t make it to the World Cup. He is a player that leads by example on and off the football pitch. He plays with passion and desire and is a great motivator. He is also an inspiration to all of those around him and someone that the youngsters in the England Camp can look up to and learn from.

If Beckham went to the world cup and sat on the bench for every game we played I believe his presence inside the camp would have an incredibly positive effect on the team. When you see Beckham walk out of the tunnel there is a sense of belief that rings around the whole of England. A belief that there is a chance we will walk away from battle victorious once again.

Should we risk taking an unfit Beckham rather than a fully fit Theo Walcott or Aaron Lennon? I’m not sure. That will always be a question of huge debate in my opinion. However Beckham not being with the Squad in South Africa will not have a negative effect so to speak but I will not be as confident as I would have been had his name been on the squad list.


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