Nana Diiiieeeeee

The thing i like about Dappy from N-Dubz is that he’s 100% real. He’s come from the streets to where he is now and has never tried to be somebody he’s not. His attitude and language never changes from when he’s live on stage to when he’s live on Jonathan Ross. No matter how much money this guy makes, how many fans he has and how many chart toppers he releases he aint never going to change. So i guess i was far from shocked this morning when i read he’d threatened a girl (Chloe Moody) for sending a message dissing N-Dubz in to Radio 1 when he was on there. Although i cant say what he did was right if your going to be brave enough to make comments like Dappy’s “Vile” and “a little boy with a silly hat” you have to be able to handle the comebacks. Dappy’s real and the story did make me chuckle a little!!


One Response to “Nana Diiiieeeeee”

  1. I understand your fascination abour this guy being “real” and all.. But I can’t help to say this.

    Ive watched a few episodes from “Never mind the Buzzcocks” and Dappy appeared in a couple of them. He is by far the most stupid person I have ever seen in a talkshow. He just made such a fool of himself and everyone seemed to think of him as a joke except from himself.
    I feel such frustration about doughnuts like him making money from being idiots (MTV seems to love these people).

    /Lisa from Sweden

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